Entrepreneurs & shiny objects…what’s your soul say?

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How you know when something is right? Let’s say you have a new idea about a product or business. As an entrepreneur it happens almost weekly to me. If this new shiny object is something that could possibly have legs and stand on it’s own, I toss it back and forth on my brain, day and night, until I find a flaw. When I can’t find a flaw the idea advances. Sometimes I find a flaw or an excuse and it falls to the wayside. Once it advances I start to figure out what this new business idea will cost and need to get it off the ground. I have gone blindly into a couple of business that have come at a cost that is over and above my original thought process. Be careful, and be courageous!
Once I have put all of this thought process together and have all of my questions answered I then reached out and birth my idea to the world. I start with those closes to me. These are people I love and who love me. They know me well and can give me solid and supportive advise. Then I reach out to my colleages and friends who own their own business. They will be much more objective to the idea. I will ask these people to try and kill the idea. Show me e flaws, holes and traps in this idea that i have not been able to find. When I have presented this GREAT idea to all of the above and I find that it passes all of their approval, I then reach inside, into the deepest part of my soul and ask “what’s my gut feeling about this idea. Do I have the strength and ability to make this happen?”
When you, just you can answer the last two questions on you own. You will know if your new shiny object can become a business or not.

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